Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The OG as done by GQ

So things are rounding out for the content of the book--there will be four stories total, three old and one new (more on that later). The 2nd story is called the Organ-Grinder, which started out as a very simple idea about a man getting beaten down and left in the street. It pretty much blew up from there and this anonymous guy became Jeremiah McAlester, a one-armed man beholden to a cursed organ, who's sworn off the way of the gun--the Organ-Grinder.

Jeremiah first encountered the Organ during the Civil War, and it becomes a character in the story as it's possessed by the spirit of a young girl who points out injustice when Jeremiah plays the Organ. Problem is Jeremiah has huge guilt issues and can't even bring himself to look at her any more--lucky for him he's got a sidekick to look for him and then lead the way. His name is Moses, and he is a monkey, but not a nice one. So basically they end up traveling around the country seeking out these injustices, getting into trouble themselves, shooting up and/or destroying everything along the way. Yeah, the swearing off the gun thing usually doesn't work out so well.

I've written a couple of short stories about these guys, and a first issue (some of which has been illustrated). The page above is a rough edit from the original eight-page short, illustrated by Gibson Quarter, and they'll be appearing in Undertow #1 after GQ is done reworking them a bit. He'll also be doing the OG for the cover, which will then be colored by another super guy and hard-working illustrator by the name of Greg Harms.

GQ's first cover (I think) just appeared on Futurequake #15 from Future Quake Press. Future Quake publishes a few different books that collect creator-owned pieces in different genres. It's a great idea and they've been doing it a while--if I'm lucky I'll get something of mine in there one of these day. Here's GQ's cover:

That's all for now, folks. I'm actually writing something new that I've got to get to--a little rusty but I'll deal. That, and believe it or not I just got an email from Rick Hudson. If that's not kismet, I don't know what is.

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