Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Title and the Hare

Over a year later and UNDERTOW #2 is just about ready to go to the printer. It's been a haul to be sure but the book is looking even better than I'd expected thanks to the help of a few very talented and hard-working people. The book will be black and white once again and thirty-two pages featuring two stories: THE FORGETTING illustrated by Jonathan A. Rector and Greg Harms, and THE ORGAN-GRINDER illustrated by Gibson Quarter. The cover of the book will be slightly different in that the inside will also be color this time around and painted by Rita Moore of Capstone Comics Publishing. Back cover of the book is a bad-ass poster some of you may have seen done by GQ and colored by Greg Harms, and the front cover features characters from THE FORGETTING, which debuts in this issue, penciled by JAR, inked and colored by Greg--one of the work in progress versions can be seen below.

Thank you to everyone who's shown their help and support along the way.  UNDERTOW #2 will debut at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, January 28-29, which I'll be attending with a fun group of people: Greg Harms, Gibson Quarter, Dee and Brandie Reynolds, and my beautiful and charming girlfriend, Inge.  The book will also be available on my much neglected blog for $5.  If anyone is interested, I've still got twenty-something copies of the first issue for sale.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Artists of UNDERTOW--Where Do They Go?


A little rearranging of the contents of Undertow #2 took place today, but I'm feeling much better now that I've got at least that much laid out in my head. Just hit up illustrator Gibson Quarter of Organ-Grinder fame and asked if he'd put a little more weight on his broad, long-sleeved shoulders and put up a few more pages for the issue. Gibson has been working hard as usual attending the Wizardworld Toronto Comic Con last month, and has had much of his work published as of late. I thought it was a good opportunity to share some of his successes in recent months--and there have been a lot of them because this guy just. does. not. stop. So here we go.

Murky Depths #14. This one features the five-page story "Performance Anxiety," illustrated by Gibson Quarter and Ty Templeton (creator of Holmes, Inc.) and came out late last year. This is an horror/fantasy anthology published in the UK and features prose as well as comics. Older issues are available in PDF (electronic) format, and a printed copy of this issue can be purchased here. I don't have this one yet but I will soon.

Wasted Magazine #7. GQ has been a regular contributor since the magazine's debut with his comic "War on Drugs," written by Alan Grant (of Judge Dredd and Batman fame). The comic stars Johnny K, agent of the U.S. Government and his personal, no-holds-barred war against drugs. For the record, GQ is Canadian, Alan Grant is Scottish, and Wasted Magazine is printed by Bad Press Ltd. in the UK. This magazine is intense so prepare thyself and pick it up here. Also, GQ's work will be gracing the cover of the upcoming issue #8.

Zarjaz #11. This cover is cray-zee. Also, I love robots. We're looking at the front and back cover here (wraparound cover) in case anyone was wondering. I don't know too much about GQ's story in this one just that the violence was too graphic to put up most of the pages on his blog. He'd better have saved some for the OG. Zarjaz is brought to us by the folks at Futurequake Press (also in the UK) where Gibson is becoming a regular contributor. This book and many others can be purchased here.

So that's all from me tonight. Next up on "The Artist of Undertow--Where Do They Go"--illustrator Ghost Hill Greg Harms, who's probably just finished packing up his wares (much lighter now after sales at the con) in Lubbock, TX, and headed for home and a Dr. Pepper.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

His Favorite Color Is BLACK

Been getting some inked pages back from Greg Harms on "The Forgetting," a story beginning in Undertow #2. This first installment of the story will run for nineteen of the thirty-two pages in that issue, penciled by Jonathan A. Rector. Gibson Quarter will be finishing off the issue with episode two of "The Organ-Grinder," began in Undertow #1. If you haven't checked it out, it all starts there. And one more reminder if you already have that issue to please send me a message as I'll be putting letters in the next issue. Be creative folks, it feels good.

Monday, January 10, 2011

If you've read UNDERTOW #1 please write to me so I can put your letter in #2!

This past weekend I joined what I've come to call my Texas Family in Mesa, Arizona for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. This is only the second convention I've attended as an exhibitor, and the very first for the first issue of my self-published comic UNDERTOW (available at the right for $4 plus S&H). I had a ton of help selling the book, primarily from the three young ladies in the photograph below--Kristi Harms, and Brandie and Felicity Reynolds. They're dressed up for the event and were also promoting Brandie and Kristi's upcoming book Modus Operandi. Brandie turned out to be one hell of a salesperson, and Felicity helped me out by taking photographs for most of the convention (after I explained a few things to her like what fishnet stockings were and how my fans needed photographs of them on the website).

My convention experience would not be complete without Ghost Hill Greg Harms, who is the driving force behind our cadre of friends getting our work out there for the world to see. He sleeps very little, and I'm not sure how things are going to work out now that Kristi cut off his flow of Dr. Pepper, although he was drinking Mr. Pibb when we went out to dinner after the convention closed on Saturday night which seems exactly like cheating. Anyway, one great guy and the weekend went by way too fast--I wish I'd had more time to visit with him since we've only been able to meet in person a couple of times. Here he is signing UNDERTOW #1 and inking some original art (Lady Death) by Roman Morales III.

And a few pics of fellow comic book fans that came by to see us at the booth:

Here's Roman taking a break from inking one of his pieces to sign UNDERTOW for a fan. I met Roman for the very first time at Amazing Arizona. Roman helped with the cover for UNDERTOW, and has a few projects of his own (Lynch Mob formerly of CHAOS! Comics and creator-owned Midknights) that will be coming out with new issues in 2011. Roman is an amazing artist and deep thinker, but you need to keep track of him if he starts telling stories because every one of them is going to end up going a little too far. He's had a long career between the military and law enforcement and I can only imagine the situations he's dealt with. I'm looking forward to knowing him better in the future he's as interesting a person as you will ever meet.

There were a ton of great costumes, and I couldn't help but jump at the chance to get a picture with Phoenix from the X-Men. As a sidenote I finally bought a copy X-Men #101 (first appearance of Phoenix) at the con from Jerry at 1,000,000 Comics who is a cool guy and all about selling comics (instead of holding on to them and their inflated price tags like some kind of troll). There are a lot more pictures on Facebook for anyone that's interested. Didn't realize it until later but the young lady below had at least three different costumes (for a two day convention) which I just noticed now going back through these pictures.

Special guests for the con included Robert Kirkman, creator of THE WALKING DEAD, which I've read recently and cannot recommend highly enough, Todd McFarlane (SPAWN), Rob Liefeld (X-FORCE), and the guy I was most excited to see, writer Jeph Loeb. I've read a ton of Jeph's stuff over the years, and I'm not exactly sure how the big publishers works things out, but it seems to me that he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. He's worked on big titles at Marvel and DC, and has been a writer and producer on a grip of television shows like LOST and SMALLVILLE. Coolest part about this? He's still doing comics. I'm not sure on all his credits, but standing in line to see the guy I was taken aback at all the different books the fans were pulling out for him to sign. Talk about a body of work. In my best moments, I flatter myself to think that our narrative styles have something in common. He is an amazing storyteller. If you haven't read any of his stuff, you should, and if you've never read comics, any of his books would be a good place to start, I guarantee. He took a few minutes to talk to me and give me some advice on presenting my work as a writer, and I came back later on with my photographer, Felicity, to get a picture with him. What a great moment and great talent.

And one more costume pic for anyone taking the time to read this long-winded post. Again, you'll find a lot more posted on Facebook between all of us that made the con. If we met at the con and you're interested in the projects we've got going, please contact us or send an email to say hello and introduce yourself. Our creative group of friends is growing all the time and we can always use one more. Any input you have is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much to those of you who were so generous to purchase our books and artwork. The smallest gesture from you means everything to us. Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Getting ready this week for a trip to Phoenix to meet up with fellow creators Greg Harms and Roman Morales III to pimp UNDERTOW #1 at its very first convention! We've got a lot of stuff besides that, though. Prints and original artwork from Greg and Roman, a grip of Roman's comic LYNCH MOB from his work at Chaos! Comics, a new sketchbook for Greg's story CONTROL SYNDICATE.

We'll be joined there by Greg's wonderful wife, Kristi, and their friends Elden and Brandie Reynolds who are also making the trip over from Texas. Kristi and Brandie have a story they're working on called MODUS OPERANDI.

These two are enthusiastic convention goers and are dressing the part. Real life versions from the image above. How cool is that?

I'm off to the printer today to print up some of the CONTROL SYNDICATE Sketchbook, and after that...we'll see where the day takes me. Have a great new year out there, everyone. Wish me luck.