Monday, January 3, 2011


Getting ready this week for a trip to Phoenix to meet up with fellow creators Greg Harms and Roman Morales III to pimp UNDERTOW #1 at its very first convention! We've got a lot of stuff besides that, though. Prints and original artwork from Greg and Roman, a grip of Roman's comic LYNCH MOB from his work at Chaos! Comics, a new sketchbook for Greg's story CONTROL SYNDICATE.

We'll be joined there by Greg's wonderful wife, Kristi, and their friends Elden and Brandie Reynolds who are also making the trip over from Texas. Kristi and Brandie have a story they're working on called MODUS OPERANDI.

These two are enthusiastic convention goers and are dressing the part. Real life versions from the image above. How cool is that?

I'm off to the printer today to print up some of the CONTROL SYNDICATE Sketchbook, and after that...we'll see where the day takes me. Have a great new year out there, everyone. Wish me luck.

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