Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Itty-Bitty Print Run

If anyone is curious how many of these are out there that number is 250. Greg came up with the idea to do them numbered since our print run was small and sold me on it right away. What you're looking at here is the back cover of the final issue of the print run. You'll notice it's numbered 251/250--this is because the proof (with my brilliant typo) got the numero uno. So that's what we've got. Back cover here is penciled by Jonathan A. Rector of Toronto, Canada, inked and colored by Greg Harms. Mail orders are all put together and I've now got about forty or so copies left, but like I said there are some with Gibson Quarter and Greg, and I've got some set aside for Amazing Arizona. If you'd like a copy and you don't live near these guys and you're not going to be at the con, well...Paypal is at the right. And for those of you that already have one in the mail, please let me know what you think after you have a chance to read the book. If you have any ideas for me, send those my way as well. I am definitely not above stealing ideas. Kind of what writers do. Goodnight.


  1. I'm afraid to read it. I might wrinkle a page and that would bring down the value when I try to sell it as mint condition on ebay ten years from now.