Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Artists of UNDERTOW--Where Do They Go?


A little rearranging of the contents of Undertow #2 took place today, but I'm feeling much better now that I've got at least that much laid out in my head. Just hit up illustrator Gibson Quarter of Organ-Grinder fame and asked if he'd put a little more weight on his broad, long-sleeved shoulders and put up a few more pages for the issue. Gibson has been working hard as usual attending the Wizardworld Toronto Comic Con last month, and has had much of his work published as of late. I thought it was a good opportunity to share some of his successes in recent months--and there have been a lot of them because this guy just. does. not. stop. So here we go.

Murky Depths #14. This one features the five-page story "Performance Anxiety," illustrated by Gibson Quarter and Ty Templeton (creator of Holmes, Inc.) and came out late last year. This is an horror/fantasy anthology published in the UK and features prose as well as comics. Older issues are available in PDF (electronic) format, and a printed copy of this issue can be purchased here. I don't have this one yet but I will soon.

Wasted Magazine #7. GQ has been a regular contributor since the magazine's debut with his comic "War on Drugs," written by Alan Grant (of Judge Dredd and Batman fame). The comic stars Johnny K, agent of the U.S. Government and his personal, no-holds-barred war against drugs. For the record, GQ is Canadian, Alan Grant is Scottish, and Wasted Magazine is printed by Bad Press Ltd. in the UK. This magazine is intense so prepare thyself and pick it up here. Also, GQ's work will be gracing the cover of the upcoming issue #8.

Zarjaz #11. This cover is cray-zee. Also, I love robots. We're looking at the front and back cover here (wraparound cover) in case anyone was wondering. I don't know too much about GQ's story in this one just that the violence was too graphic to put up most of the pages on his blog. He'd better have saved some for the OG. Zarjaz is brought to us by the folks at Futurequake Press (also in the UK) where Gibson is becoming a regular contributor. This book and many others can be purchased here.

So that's all from me tonight. Next up on "The Artist of Undertow--Where Do They Go"--illustrator Ghost Hill Greg Harms, who's probably just finished packing up his wares (much lighter now after sales at the con) in Lubbock, TX, and headed for home and a Dr. Pepper.

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