Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Title and the Hare

Over a year later and UNDERTOW #2 is just about ready to go to the printer. It's been a haul to be sure but the book is looking even better than I'd expected thanks to the help of a few very talented and hard-working people. The book will be black and white once again and thirty-two pages featuring two stories: THE FORGETTING illustrated by Jonathan A. Rector and Greg Harms, and THE ORGAN-GRINDER illustrated by Gibson Quarter. The cover of the book will be slightly different in that the inside will also be color this time around and painted by Rita Moore of Capstone Comics Publishing. Back cover of the book is a bad-ass poster some of you may have seen done by GQ and colored by Greg Harms, and the front cover features characters from THE FORGETTING, which debuts in this issue, penciled by JAR, inked and colored by Greg--one of the work in progress versions can be seen below.

Thank you to everyone who's shown their help and support along the way.  UNDERTOW #2 will debut at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, January 28-29, which I'll be attending with a fun group of people: Greg Harms, Gibson Quarter, Dee and Brandie Reynolds, and my beautiful and charming girlfriend, Inge.  The book will also be available on my much neglected blog for $5.  If anyone is interested, I've still got twenty-something copies of the first issue for sale.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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