Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Monster-Powered Mystery

I'm not sure what a "Monster-Powered Blog" is, but the only one I know of belongs to artist Matt Mossman. I don't really know anything about Matt either, only that I'm hoping he illustrates one of my stories in the future, and also that he possibly looks like Bruce Willis, or at least thinks he looks like Bruce Willis. It's likely he's a fan of David Mamet and basketball. Very mysterious. To further pique your curiosity, I'm posting some of Matt's artwork that I pulled off of his Monster-Powered Art Blog. Equally little is known about the stories and characters that these drawings represent. Enjoy.

This first one is a cover for a title called "Shifthouse," possibly created by Matt Mossman and John Gateson.

These final two are Matt's rendition the character "Construct" allegedly created by Mike White. All I know for sure is that Construct looks cool and has an even cooler name. I'm just hoping Construct is a robot because that would totally top off the whole deal for me.

On another note the lettering program I've been using doesn't translate onto my PC at all so I've taken a short hiatus from lettering the pages for Undertow #1. In the next month or so until I return to Heather's iMac (and Heather) I'll be posting pages from some other stories that won't be in the book, as well as featuring fellow creators. Good stuff all around--stay tuned (Mom).

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Construct, that made my day! And good news, he is a robot!