Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kord and Harley

When I signed up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago one of the first people that friended me was a fellow writer and comic creator by the name of Matthew Adams. Matthew has self-published two issues of a book called the Mortal World Compendium, and he pointed me toward a cool website to check them out--Indy Comic Creators Worldwide. The ICCW is a group of independent small publishers, and the website is a place for them to correspond with each other, advertise for their projects, and also to sell their book.

Matthew is one of these guys. He's currently working on a graphic novel titled "Kord & Harley," that is a collection of short pieces featuring his two characters, and it's going to be a monster when it comes out--200 pages. That is a ton of work. Roman Morales III and Greg Harms are currently working on his newest short for the book. I've pulled some of Matthew's cover pieces for the individual stories that will appear in the book and posted them below.

The picture above was penciled by Jonathan Rector, inked by Greg Harms, and colored by Matthew Adams (he's artist artist also). As for the images below--I'm not sure who did what but thought they deserved to be displayed. Maybe Matthew will get on here and line me out so I can edit the post and give some credits.


  1. Ok Jar did the pencils. Ed Ergal did some inks. and splash did some of the colors. W

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