Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Drunken Soldier

This next one is a story told to me long ago by a friend who has a gift for weaving a tale. The poetry of his oration can't be reproduced by my abilities, but I tried. Whether I succeeded or not, it's still a funny story about an experience that maybe no one else on earth has had.

All the artwork done here is from Greg Harms--pencils, inks, and gray-scale colors. He does a beautiful job setting the tone with his gray-scales--his idea, and also a lot of work. It puts the jungle in the jungle. I love it. Just found out the other night this one was Greg's first paying job, circa 2003.

So whoever is checking this out, enjoy. And Kimball, wherever you may be--this story is for you. Hope I get to put this book in your hands someday. Here's page one with more to follow:

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