Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That was the word that came to mind when I saw the finished colors for the cover of UNDERTOW #1 done by Ghost Hill Greg Harms. Coincidentally, the color scheme for the cover is the same as the costume of the DC Comics hero by the same name. Think I'll just leave that one there, not sure where I was going with it...

I'm pleased with the finished product needless to say, both Greg and Gibson Quarter did their best work on this one and we should be seeing the title and new 7th Wave Comics logo on here some time next week. Progress for the inside of the cover continues as well, I'll show you some of what's going on there tomorrow. Have a good night, folks, and remember--UNDERTOW #1 will be available here December 1, 2010, and if things keep going as well as they are now I'll even have copies available at the Wizardworld Austin Comic Convention in mid-November which I'll be attending with Greg Harms. Check out some of his prints at the link above there's some great stuff on there.

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