Thursday, September 2, 2010

FACELESS -- Part 2

Here are pages 5 through 8 of the story "Faceless" illustrated by Peter Honrade. I've been working on these off and on the past few days with my primary goal being "don't screw up" rather than trying to be flashy and/or artistic. I think it turned out alright, though.

I'm headed upstairs to see if Tanner the chihuahua is still breathing or has possibly crapped on the floor after eating roughly 4 ounces of rat poison over the last two days. A strange diet, yes, I know, but on the upside it does turn his feces blue which also complements Heather's white shag carpet nicely, especially in that clear, early morning light...

For any of the multitude stopping at my site regularly who are interested in reading the first half of this story it was posted earlier on my blog. In May, possibly? Enjoy!

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