Friday, October 1, 2010

Call 661-400-9724 and Set Up an Appointment

Got some good help last week from a great guy I haven't had the chance to meet yet. His name is Roman Morales III and he's the founder of Third Empire Studios. Roman resides in Los Angeles and is a tattoo artist as well as an excellent penciler. Also a marine and police officer for over 15 years. How cool is that? Even better, one of his pieces will be appearing in UNDERTOW #1. Greg Harms is doing the lion's share of the work putting this cover together, and seeing as Greg is the other half of Third Empire Studios, Roman was willing to jump in and put together a collage of characters from the book. I had the idea of putting the characters against Greg's original 7th Wave logo and it worked out better than I'd imagined. I LOVE TEAMWORK! Thank you to you both. Roman's original pencils are below, along with some other stuff I've pulled from his portfolios. Make sure to check out the links these guys do beautiful work. Oh, yeah, and call Roman to set up an appointment for a tattoo.

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