Saturday, March 9, 2013


Busy weekend for me as I try to bring Undertow out a little more into the world, starting right here in Seattle, WA.  For anyone checking out the blog that is on the fence about Undertow, issues #1-#3 are now available at Pike's Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Big thank you to Golden Age Collectibles for putting up my book.  I am proud to be in the store, which also happens to be America's oldest comic shop.  If you haven't checked them out (or the mezzanine at Pike's Place Market in general), go and see!  I still get turned around every time I go in there, but always end up finding something cool--what a great feeling, unless your paid parking is running out!

And going long, I'm submitting Undertow to Comixology, a digital comic store with an excellent platform for online comics that will make Undertow much better reading on phones and tablets, and hopefully get the word out there a little further.  There are a lot of people who I know will love Undertow and haven't seen it yet.  I am going to find them and show them my comic book.

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