Monday, February 25, 2013


One of the cool things about comicon (and if you have never been to one there are LOTS of cool things about comicon) is all the free stuff given away.  My first comicon was four years ago (Emerald City Comicon, in fact), and I remember all the costumed attendees flooding in and out, the foyer packed with fans and families taking pictures with them, and DC Comics' booth set up right inside the front doors giving away a stack of comic books to anyone willing to wait in line.  Yeah, baby.  Stuff.

So in addition to my new comic being for sale, we've got some great full-page artwork that is being made into 11x17 posters that will be given away to our fans at the Emerald City Comicon.  Come and see us we're in booth 2403.  Greg Harms and Gibson Quarter will both be there helping out at the booth, doing commissions, and blowing their hard-earned cash in the beautiful city of Seattle.

Here's what we've got I'm excited to see how the posters will look.  They should be back from the printer in the next couple of days:

Back cover to Undertow #3 by Adam Gorham, color by Greg Harms

Inside front cover to Undertow #3 by Gibson Quarter, background and color by Greg Harms

Inside back cover to Undertow #3 by Roman Morales III, color by Greg Harms

Poster by Gibson Quarter (after Art Adams Secret Avengers cover), color by Greg Harms

Special pin-up by Ty Templeton featured in 2nd printing of Undertow #1!

Front cover to Undertow #3 by Gibson Quarter, inks by Guillermo Ortego, color by Greg Harms

Thank you to all the artists for the beautiful work and the good times we've had and and are about to have this coming weekend at COMICON!  Goodnight!

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