Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Follow up lab-work went well this morning if you don't take account the three new holes in my arms. The whole healthy living thing isn't quite as advertised. We'll see how my number comes back this time. My guess is a solid 380. Thinking about learning to sew so I can make myself a costume and fight crime. Might go with The Cholester-Arrester as a name for my new career as a vigilante. Thoughts?

I've had some back and forth with the equally vigilant Gibson Quarter over the past few days and we've been going over the finer points of scanning black and white artwork so that the solid black space requires no touching up in the lighter areas. Assisting in this one is a gentleman by the name of Ty Templeton, whose new book Holmes, Incorporated was just released this past week at the Toronto Fan Expo. I've got a signed copy headed my way in the mail. Thanks for that one, fellas.

So on to my point--I've started lettering again. Seattle happens to be a perfect place for this kind of indoor activity on many days (like today). The glow of the monitor is in fact less depressing than looking out the window.

Crap. Just realized I forgot to take my red rice yeast. Well, in the meantime here's a (potentially) finished page from the upcoming Organ-Grinder story in Undertow #1. Take a look.

GQ--shoot me back and let me know what you think.


  1. Looks really good, cant wait to see it in print!

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