Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My life has taken several strange turns these past few years.  My girlfriend has called me a Top Secret Geek as long as I've known her, and the utter obliteration of that secret began right here with my comic Undertow has been one of the best and brightest of those turns.  I remember talking with a guy in college about comics when I was probably eighteen and telling him, "Yeah, I used to collect comics."  I think I was back to buying back issues to all the X-Men books (and there were a lot of them in 1995) not six months later, but it strikes me now what a dick I must have seemed.  The truth of it is that I love comic books.  There were a few years in high school and into college when I thought I was too cool for them, but in all honesty I dreamt about them.  Is that weird?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's weird.  But if you know me, I'm a little bit that way, too.  If you're into weird, and you know me, we're probably friends, and if you're into weird and don't know me, then you should probably read my book, because I can absolutely guarantee you will love it.

I got the chance to sneak away from work in AK for a couple of weeks in September and hit up Rose City Comicon in Portland, Oregon.  It was a good time, a short road trip with my little brother and GF, caught up with friends both new and old, set a high score on the basketball hoop at the Spirit of 77 bar, sold some Undertow (never as many as I'd like), and discovered some great new comics and people at the show.  The place was full of weirdoes--my people--just the way I like it.  If I saw you there and you stopped to talk about my book--thank you!  If you bought my book--THANK YOU!  People taking a chance with something new--something mine (and Ghosthill Greg's, and Gibson Quarter's)--you people are making it all worth it.  We love you, and we are doing our damnedest to make something better for you each. and. every. time.  Don't forget about us because we will not forget about you.  That is the 7th Wave Comics/Luke Donkersloot MF'ing guarantee.  Undertow is my light saber, if you would, and now that I've finally made it and achieved true Jedi status, it's just a matter of refining my connection with the Force.  And I'm going to leave that analogy right there...

A couple of other Jedi (of a slightly different variety) attending the show, but fellow creators all.  There is no feeling quite like creation.
And before I go, a quick glimpse of a panel from "The Organ-Grinder" in the upcoming Undertow #4.  Somehow between Gibson Quarter and I we've turned this poor damn monkey all kinds of sick, but amidst all the excessive violence and wandering the Wild West, this guy is still finding the time to stay on top of it all, sit back, roll a smoke, and just wonder--Why?  And you've heard it before but that's because it's the truth, though I think we forget sometimes, at least I do.

The answer is not in the ending, but in your journey.  Fellow weirdoes, story- and adventure-seekers--join me.  It is going to be a good one. 

Come see me in Tacoma at the Jet City Comic Show November 2nd, and the whole crew GQ, GH, and Adam Gorham will be with me at Emerald City Comicon March 28-30.  Thanks for reading!

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