Thursday, September 20, 2012

Artist Adam Gorham Joins UNDERTOW!

It's taken some time on the starting blocks but Undertow #3 is officially on its way as pages of finished artwork have begun showing up in the Dropbox.  The two stories featured in #2 ("The Organ-Grinder" and "The Forgetting") will appear again in #3, packed into 32 pages of story.  Gibson Quarter has provided another rendition of the OG for the cover (I've seen the pencils and can promise you it is nothing short of wicked), Greg Harms will be there to lend his color and discerning eye, and most exciting of all, artist Adam Gorham has come onboard to take up the task of illustrating "The Forgetting!"

Adam is solid in many mediums, but best of all (for Undertow and myself) he does excellent work with human figures and characterization, which there is going to be a ton of in the story.  It's always nice to be able the tell your characters apart when you have no color or spandex designs to do the job for you.  Adam has his own book, Teuton (just released the 2nd TPB in fact), which is set in the dark ages and full of interesting creatures and characters.  When Adam expressed an interest in Undertow, I had to see what he was all about so I checked out both of these books, and to tell the truth I was jealous, because they are nothing short of spectacular!  He and Fred Kennedy are both amazing storytellers and all the time and attention they've put into these books really shines through--great work and congratulations to both of them.  Both books can be purchased online from Indyplanet, or head straight there by clicking the images below.

More of Adam's work can also be seen on his blog at  He's a busy guy with a ton of talent so he usually has something new up several times a week.  I can't wait to see what he'll bring to Undertow.  Thanks for reading!

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