Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just a few words today about a guy who has been my brother-in-arms through the whole Undertow process that's become such a big part of my life these last couple of years.  An interview with Greg Harms went up today on Comic Book and Movie Reviews, so I thought I'd mention that to start, and then show a little bit of what Greg does to help me out and make our comic looks SO GOOD--which it definitely does.  If you haven't seen one and don't think comics are just for kids, they can be purchased at the right hand side of the screen via Paypal account or credit card.  A digital copy of Undertow #1 is also available for $1.99 at DriveThruComics (the file is about 90MB in size).  With that being said...

This is some of the work Greg has done with Jonathan A. Rector that's appeared as the front cover of Undertow #2 (images on top) and back cover of Undertow #1 (images on bottom), for a story called "The Forgetting," which begins in Undertow #2.  Here's the kick-a$$ work done by JAR in pencil on 11x17-inch artboards, which is then scanned at a high resolution and moved on to Ghosthill Greg.

Greg then prints up the scans with blue lines in place of the gray pencils (again at 11x17 inches), and hits it up with his pens/brushes and helps to add focus, depth, and shade to the page.  The pages are scanned again in preparation for the coloring process, which will all be done digitally.  The illustration at the left has been scanned and adjusted to compensate for irregularities in the ink, examples of which can be seen on the right where the scan has not been adjusted.  This is how the page looks after Greg is done inking by hand.

Greg then adds the color and design elements like the logo and title/issue number for the front, and some text and ISBN code for the back.  I'm not gonna pretend to know what goes on here as I'm still a photoshop novice (but learning!), but I will say that it's a painstaking process to make things look as good as they do!  And on that note--a final word to my friend, Greg, and many thanks--I don't even want to think what Undertow would be with out you.

Thanks for reading!

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