Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah, the Punchlist is Never Done

Well, here's my start on story number three that has always been titled "Faceless," for lack of a better name. Odds are the 2nd half of this one won't be lettered until I get away from work again. C'est la vie. Artwork here is done by one Peter Honrade of the island of Manilla in the Phillipines. One heck of an illustrator who I've worked with a fair amount in the past. He was just getting into sequential art (comics) when I came across his work. Before that he worked as a 2D animator (cartoons) and we've all probably seen his work on Saturday mornings without knowing. Some time in the middle of one of our projects he made another transition and the project was never finished. More on that one later, though. To my knowledge Peter is now working as an architect. Talented guy all around. Take a look.


  1. Good stuff. The lettering looks really good here.Your artist knows what he's doing and that always makes it easier!

  2. Hi luv, it's me (not you, even though apparently you are still logged in to my computer) :). I like Peter's style. Just wanted you to know I checked out your latest blog post and LIKE it! ;) Miss you.